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Updated: Jan 15, 2019

Amy and Lauren. Gualala Oct 2015

Lauren and Amy. Stagecoach @ Coachella April 2015

Amy posted a photo of her and I the other day, as living proof the Renegade Botanicals toothpaste works. We've got great teeth, a testament to the products.

Some close friends asked, "Hey, can we see a before picture?"

Here's the truth, we don't have any because there are no overnight solutions or quick fixes. Our teeth have been white for a long time because we take care of them, and part of our routine is using Renegade Botanical tooth products daily. We don't have before and after photos because real solutions don't work like that. Charcoal does whiten teeth quickly, and you can see noticeable results immediately, but what if there is more to the story? What if you can have white teeth forever and never have to 'whiten' them again?

We believe that nourishing and nurturing your body by feeding it well and taking care of it are the only true ways to look your best. We believe that beauty is more than skin-deep. Your skin is a reflection of the health of your whole body and soul. Beautiful smiles are a sign of physical and emotional health. You can't fake that by using bleach or other products that beat your body into submission. Sure it works for a while, but bleach and other harsh whiteners WEAKEN your teeth over time by stripping your teeth and removing the top layer of enamel (this is NOT how charcoal works). Bleaching does remove stains, but also leaves your teeth vulnerable to more strains because the protective coating is gone. So you keep bleaching, and your teeth get weaker and weaker and who wants weak, sensitive teeth? How will you crack crab legs into your 80's if your teeth are weak?

Your teeth are bone. And bone has a function other than just giving your body structure and keep you from melting into a pool of mush. Bone releases and deposits minerals as needed to keep the levels in your blood within the appropriate range. Bone is like the Amazon warehouse. Minerals get delivered regularly, hang out a while, and then when you're like.....SHIT SEND AMAZON PRIME NOW, because you invited guests over in an hour and forgot to buy toilet paper, bones deliver those minerals ASAP. Bone stores and delivers all the minerals your body needs fast.

If, however, you and everyone else order a bunch of stuff from Amazon but the warehouse forgot to make a stock purchase, the shelves will empty over time and not get restocked. Picture a warehouse with racks and racks of shelves with very little merchandise. That is what happens to your bones when you deplete minerals but don't restore them with proper nourishment. They start looking like empty shelves. The infrastructure is there, but no good products and lots of holes. Crap can sneak in. It starts getting hard for employees to find what they need. The shelves get dusty, debris collects where merchandise used to be. The cobwebs move in....the structure is there, but it doesn't look very good.

Properly stocked bones = strong, healthy bones = pretty bones. That's right friends, since teeth are bones and strong bones are pretty bones then...HEALTHY TEETH ARE PRETTY TEETH. Teeth that are full of minerals are pretty because they are filled in, organized, and able to defend against stains and cavities. Stains can't sneak into the little cracks and spaces where minerals should be if there aren't any spaces for them to get into. Strong enamel is like little army men standing on the front lines ready to defend your honor. You want your army men to have all the minerals they need to defend you. This is where Renegade Botanicals HAS YOUR BACK.

We've added remineralizing powder to our tooth products. When you use our products, your teeth can absorb whatever they need. Filling in the shelves! The charcoal is busy binding to stains and gentling removing them, and the remineralizing powder is making your teeth strong!

It's super important to also have a nourishing diet, so that your teeth can rebuild internally as well. However, if your body is depleted because your diet isn't (or wasn't) nourishing enough, your teeth are the first place your body steals minerals from because they are deemed the least crucial bones for survival and evolution has no vanity. This means it's that much more important that you also remineralize your teeth externally, to give your army men a direct dose of the minerals they need right now. Like Amazon Prime, Right Now.

The moral of this story is that a beautiful, white smile is about more than just whitening them. You need to combine GENTLE whitening (like charcoal), with a plan to restock your inventory and strengthen your army. Renegade Botanicals can help you with externally cleaning, strengthening, and whitening, but the extra cup of bone broth per day is on you.

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