Want to recycle your product packaging?We do, too!

Here are several ways to reduce your footprint:

1. Clean and save your Renegade bottles and tubes. For every 5 clean containers* saved, get a free lip balm! To redeem, bring to any event listed on our website, or email us to make other arrangements.

2. Clean and re-use containers to store other items. Some ideas:

*Herbs & spices                                 *Office supplies

*Art & Craft Supplies                       * Custom oil blends

*Leftover sauces                         *Change jar 

*Dressings/Dips in Lunch       *Gift items                        *Mini flower vase     *Homemade candles 

*Travel-sized cosmetics filled from larger bottles     *Bulk shampoo from health food store  

3. Wash and recycle your containers. All packaging has a number on it to specify how to recycle it (although most waste services take mixed recycling).

Thank you for doing your part!!

*Lip Balm (.15oz) containers exempt from offer 

Glass Jars