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Four Sages Cleansing Mist

Four Sages Cleansing Mist


Hydrosols and botanical mists are an amazing way to uplift your mood. The mist is cooling and refreshing on your skin. Smells heavenly and contains premium oils from sustainable sources. Can also be used as a room deodorizer, car freshener or linen spray. 2oz bottle. Sage is a clearing and cleansing plant, good for energy renewal and reconnecting with the earth's vibrations. Also works for resetting the circadian rhythms of the body and treating jet lag. The mist is cooling and refreshing on your skin, and helps fight fever. Sage has anti-aging and antioxidant properties and is excellent for warding off disease and sickness.

2oz bottle. 


Ingredients: Organic White Sage, Wild Desert Sage, Organic Essential Oils of Common Sage + Clary Sage, Coloidial Silver, Earth-Charged Water, Ocean Polished Quartz Crystal.


All sales are final. No returns unless a mistake is made on your order. 

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