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Herb Burning Bundles

Herb Burning Bundles


Herb burning bundles are an awesome way to cleanse and detoxify your air and energy in your home. Use them when clearing space, moving into a new home or as a housewarming gift. They're also great to quickly deodorize the air in your home with a brief 30-second burn. Keep one in the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or pet areas. 


All bundles are either homegrown or responsibly harvested on private land. The botanicals chosen for our mixed bundle combinations are seasonal, and each one is handcrafted to be unique. We only use fragrant, medicinal plants that are abundantly growing or flowering.

Some plants we use include:






Incense Cedar









Each bundle is one of a kind! String color may vary. Length and width may vary, small is between 4" and 5", large is between 6" and 8". Bundles may also come freshly made, and may need up to three weeks to dry in a warm, well ventilated space but not in direct sun. On top of a cabinet or the fridge, or a high shelf is a great place to let it cure. 



Note: All bundles are free of Palo Santo, as it is overharvested and becoming scarce for tribal medicine leaders use. We do not support the purchase of this wood.



All sales are final. No returns unless a mistake was made on your order.

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