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The Dew Hydrate Kit

The Dew Hydrate Kit


For anyone with dry or mature skin, this set is for you. Use these products together or separately.

It contains:


Selkie Skin Oil Cleanser- 4oz

Youthful Vibrance Facial Oil Moisturizer- 1oz

Live in Luxury Honey Charcoal Mask- 3.4oz


These products work together to hold in your skin's natural oils, and promote healthy cell cycles. Oil cleanser is a great way to clean skin and remove makeup. It doesn't strip skin or leave it feeling squeaky, because it's not soap based. It helps balance the skin's necessary bacteria. The mask works as a humectant, so it doesn't get dry and helps trap moisture in the skin. And lastly, our favorite moisturizer. This has a light feel- it's not greasy and absorbs easily. This product is great to use day or night, and only a few drops goes a long way. 

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