Selkie Skin Oil Cleanser + Makeup Remover

Selkie Skin Oil Cleanser + Makeup Remover


Cleansing and moisturizing with oil is the best way for your skin to thrive. Since your skin naturally produces oil to stay healthy and to house beneficial bacteria, washing it with soap strips this natural barrier and moisture, and damages your layers of dermis. Oil is also the best makeup remover. Massaging this product into skin will gently take off any dirt, smog, makeup or bad bacteria, and leave your face feeling fresh and soft. Unscented for the most sensitive skin. 


2 Fl. Oz. Oil pump


Castor , Avocado, Olive,  Jojoba , Grapeseed, Heritage Rosehip Seed + Sunflower Oils 
All Oils are Virgin + Cold Pressed

Updated September 2020 Renegade Botanicals