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The Woodsman Charcoal Soap

The Woodsman Charcoal Soap


Meet The Woodsman exfoliating soap!

It’s made with charcoal, oats and sea salt for a scrubby experience. The other side is a creamy, smooth goats milk soap so you can flip it as you need it to clean all your manly parts.


My signature •Woodsy• scent has notes of fir, basil, cedar and grapefruit, and is available in not only this soap, but our Dynamic Deodorant and the Vitality Hair and Beard Oil. Get your man the gift of smelling great, all while supporting local and living that clean, non-toxic lifestyle.


Clean, non-toxic and smells like walking through a crisp forest.

All packaging biodegradable and recyclable.



Organic Goat’s milk soap, Organic Oats, Gray Celtic Sea Salt, California Beach Sand, Activated Charcoal, Glycerine, Essential Oils of Fir, Cypress, Pine, Grapefruit, Basil and Cedar


All sales are final. No returns on items unless there was an error with your order.

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