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Don't know where to start when going natural? 
The Essentials Starter Kit is the perfect trio to get your face happy. Gentle, effective and affordable!


Renegade Botanicals offers high quality, non-toxic skincare and wellness products at an affordable price. We make each item by hand, and grow many of our own ingredients. Formulated by an herbalist, each product is customized for healing, and can be used by many skin types. Our products contain active and functional ingredients only-- no fillers, emulsifiers, preservatives or other junk. Just the good stuff. 


We now offer subscriptions to your favorite facial care products! Our most popular items are easy to subscribe to- just click on an item and select "Subscribe and Save 10%" when adding to your cart!





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Check out some of our small batch, limited run items!


"The deodorant is gentle on my skin and actually works! The Woodsy smell is my favorite- not too strong but makes me feel like I'm in a forest."

-Caleb, Mendocino, Ca


"I have the most sensitive skin ever and can't use hardly anything from the shelves (even the $100+ face creams) Both these creams not only moisturize amazingly but have ZERO toxins or irritants! I'm obsessed!"

-Gemma, Salt Lake City, UT


"The Youthful Vibrance Face Oil is the only thing that keeps my skin looking like this. My daughter snagged my bottle, and I ordered the large size next time!"

-Joann, Sonoma, Ca


I got this at the market at the Barlow last summer when I stopped by your booth-- it's my favorite face wash ever! Getting one for the shower AND the sink! :) 

-Amy, Sebastopol, Ca on the Fresh Face Wildcrafted Cleanser

Love this sunscreen & been using it for a couple of years now!

Hilary, Larkspur, Ca

on the Kukui Nut Zinc Sunscreen

 I've been using this salve not only for my baby's skin, but for me too. I LOVE it (which is why it's almost gone). Thank you!

Melina, Oakland, Ca

on the Healing Hands Herbal Salve

This totally made my rosacea go away, and leaves my face feeling dewy and nourished.

Suzanne, Los Angeles, Ca on the Heal + Repair Facial Serum

Handmade in California
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